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Windshield Replacement Kalamazoo

There are occasions when the windshield of a vehicle gets damaged so significantly that it will have to be replaced. Windshields get damaged because of various reasons such as flying debris resulting in glass scratches, rock or other hard object impacts it, hail storm, fluctuation in temperature, and most common -accidents.


Inspecting windshields on a regular basis is important as tiny chips and cracks can gradually become large and could harm the complete structural integrity and strength of the vehicle. The windshield is a vital safety component of a car, and that’s why it is the foremost responsibility of every car owner to ensure the high-performance of their windshield at all times.
At Glass Doctor Kalamazoo, our technical team will safely remove the impaired auto glass and configure DOT-certified OEM quality original auto glass in time to get you back on the road. Using the latest glass replacement equipment and techniques our smart technicians can easily replace your damaged windshield in a jiffy.


How we replace windshield:

First, our engineers will perform a thorough inspection of the look and nature of the damage. This assessment includes the following steps:

    • - Observing the size and type of the crack
    • - Close inspection of the affected areas surrounding the damage
    • - Assessing the possible options for repair or replacement
    • - Quote a competitive price


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cracked windshields

In the second step, we will remove the damaged windshield from the frame. Then we will wipe the frame thoroughly to ensure no dirt, debris, and moisture is sealed in the frame.

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Applying standard quality adhesives, we will insert a new windshield and press the windshield firmly onto the frame. Excess adhesives will be removed, and windshield will be cleaned to give a spotless view.


Glass Doctor is totally different from other windshield replacement service providers in Kalamazoo. We are committed to providing safe, sincere, and honest service to our valued clients. Over the years we have successfully manage to meet all the expectations of our clients.


For any issues related to auto glass, you can heavily count on our reliable service. We are available round-the-clock at your service. Visit us anytime as per your convenience.