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Windshield Replacement Ann Arbor

Technology advancements in windshield repair now make it possible to avoid expensive windshield replacement!

But our sophisticated technology is not without limitations and we can’t repair every windshield. At Glass Doctor Ann Arbor, our engineers strive to repair your cracked windshield. However, for your safety, we recommend replacement when needed.

How do technicians decide whether to repair or replace a damaged windshield?

When windshield chips and cracks spread across an area of the glass that is too large, then replacement becomes necessary. Windshield repair cannot always return the structural strength to your vehicle.
Did you know your windshield protects the structural integrity of your vehicle?

The windshield provides almost 60% of the vehicle’s structural integrity in the event of a rollover.

At Glass Doctor Ann Arbor, we will implement a complete windshield replacement strategy that will boost the structural strength of your car and return it back to its former pre-cracked condition.
What do Glass Doctor technicians look for when they inspect a damaged windshield?


Breadth and stretch of the crack: If the length of crack is relatively large, then the best option is to replace it rather than repair it.

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Location of the damage: A crack located near the frame tends to expand more rapidly than a crack at the center. With time, cracks will offload pressure to the solid auto glass frame and make it vulnerable to collapse in case of an accident.

The severity of the impact that caused the damage: A little streak created by flying debris or a minor accident can successfully be repaired. But in the case of high-impact damage, many cracks appear and they could degrade the structural solidity of your vehicle.

Our skilled technicians quickly evaluate your damage and help you decide how to maintain the safety and integrity of your windshield.        
Using the most advanced windshield replacement procedures, smart technicians at Glass Doctor Ann Arbor will safely remove the damaged auto glass and install a DOT-certified OEM quality original windshield to keep you and your family safe.