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Windshield Replacement Traverse City

Our highly sophisticated Repair One technology is capable of repairing damaged windshields and saves you money on expensive windshield replacement. But even the most advanced technology has limitations. If our engineers find that the windscreen of your vehicle cannot be safely repaired to full strength, we recommend replacing it with an DOT-certified OEM quality original windshield. 


At Glass Doctor Traverse City, we stay on top of technology in auto glass replacement service. Our SmarTech™ installation technology is an efficient and secure windshield replacement system that ensures absolute safety. Our competence in providing fast, reliable and affordable windshield replacement is simply incomparable.


By combining 24x7 free same day mobile response service with reasonable overall costs, Glass Doctor has solidified its position as one of the leading windshield replacement companies in Traverse City. The windshield is a vital safety component of your vehicle, and your safety will be compromised if you avoid replacing a windshield that cannot be repaired.


rmon AutoGlass Traverse City, we are well aware of the importance of a flawless windshield and the vital part it plays during a crash or rollover. That’s why we suggest and provide our customers OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) quality windshields for auto glass replacement. 


Our windshield installation process is as follows:

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We will safely remove wipers, cowlings, and rearview mirrors


Using a blanket, our technicians protect the dashboard and other parts of the car

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We trim existing urethane and clean both surfaces; this prevents the possibilities of stress cracks that may harm the newly installed windshield


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Dirt and debris from the pinchweld is cleaned properly

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Then we apply glass activator to the windshield that is compatible with the make, model and year of the car

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We apply quick drying urethane, and place the windshield in the frame

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Our technicians then push it gently into place and wipe off the excess urethane

glass replacements Using glass cleaner we polish it and vacuum all loose debris
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We reinstall cowlings, rear view mirror, and wipers

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 After the installation is done, we make sure that the sealant is properly dry and complete all the paperwork including insurance claim


With customized solutions and strategy, Harmon Auto Glass provides high-quality, high-value windshield replacement and repair service to its valued clients.